Cool Off with the Bitter Liberals THIS SATURDAY

Ready for the Bitter Liberals show Saturday night? We are. Well, almost. We’ve been working on our sets. If fact, here is a picture of Allen editing the set lists. We’re going to practice again tonight even though we completed an entire run through last night. We have a mystery guest joining us for a […]

Dream of a Good Death in Union, WV: Bits from the Road

Clark Hansbarger’s Civil War show Dream of a Good Death was customed designed to be played in an old church in his boyhood home of Union, West Virginia. We played the show on a blustery night that ended in rain, starting at dusk. Gorgeous. A Confederate reenactor set the stage as the audience arrived. As […]

One City: The Bitter Liberals in Winchester, VA

The Bright Box Theater is a great place to see a show—impressive sound, no bad seats, plenty of variety to eat and drink. Our Four City One Barn tour stop in Winchester was a great success. Thanks for coming out to see us! Kara Hansbarger joined us on stage for a rendition of “The Tailor […]

One City: The Bitter Liberals in Shepherdstown, WV (Eaten by the Shenandoah)

The night was gorgeous and the venue was sweet. Shepherdstown hospitality at the Opera House was set to “max stun.” Thanks Larry. Among the highlights, the greenest green room on the tour, replete with chirping birds, venerable old trees, fresh herbs, an outside porch, a comfy living room, a full kitchen, two well-stocked fridges, and […]

The Bitter Liberals Guide to Wild Wonderful Shepherdstown, WV

We’re playing a show in a beautiful place this week. Come see for yourself. Make this Friday a real evening out in Shepherdstown, home of the world famous CATF festival and some real culture. If you haven’t been to Shepherdstown before, you’ll find it one of the coolest small towns in our region—lovely, historical, hip, […]

The Bitter Liberals Four City One Barn Tour Continues Apace: Shepherdstown, WV

We’re deep into the middle of our massive two state tour with the next stop Friday May 22nd in Shepherdstown, WV. Get your tickets now. The Bitter Liberals are taking the show on the road during the Four City, One Barn Tour. Stop one was a barn in our very own county. We love playing […]

Bitter Liberals Band Members Go Wide

Reports have reached California that the Bitter liberals “massively distributed” gigs last weekend were great. Kara Allen Clark played in Purcellville. Raised in a cabin in Gap Mills, West Virginia, Kara Allen Clark took to music as a toddler, diaper-clogging on the wood porch as her daddy (the legendary one fingered claw hammer banjoist Clyde […]

Civil War Show Dream of a Good Death in Purcellville 10.9.14

We’re doing another iteration on Clark Hansbarger’s fantastic Civil War show Dream of a Good Death. Come see the show if you have not seen it yet. It is excellent. The show is very high concept, and fortunately it works like a charm in practice. Clark sets up each song with some historical data (including […]

Ghosts, Figments, Mass Hypnotism and the Civil War

Though there were 130 people packed into the Barns of Rose Hill for the Civil War CD debut (on a Thursday!!), only one person had a camera! Thank the stars for Michael Hobert! Needless to say, the concert was magical. Clark’s high concept was a smash hit in practice. The audience was rapt, and the […]

Civil War CD Debut TOMORROW at BRH: Get Your Tickets in Advance

Clark Hansbarger and company have been practicing. Those Civil War songs are sounding shiny. In fact, things are sounding very good indeed. All we need now is you. Please come hear us play the Civil War CD live tomorrow night! We promise you a good show. Who: Clark Hansbarger, Allen Kitselman, Gary McGraw, Mike Jewell, […]