Richmond Radio SUNDAY NIGHT 2.21: StudioB XL102

The Tin Pan birthday gig last night in Richmond was quite fantastic, about which more at a later time. Meanwhile, if you missed the gig, never fear: we recorded a radio show Saturday afternoon which will be broadcast tonight on XL102 and posted on the studiobrva website. The podcast will be broadcast at 11pm Sunday […]

A Gift from the Bitter Liberals

Rhine Singleton is a special friend to the band. Together with Bitter Liberals fiddle player Gary McGraw, Rhine makes up the band Where’s Aubrey. Rhine just celebrated his 50th birthday and as a surprise, 18 of his musician friends recorded their versions of songs Rhine wrote. The Bitter Liberals went into the studio and produced […]

The Bitter Liberals Again Proof Arrives Today (launch 8.9.14)

A quick trip to National Media Services in Front Royal today resulted in a handful of Mastered CD proofs for the band and a complete proof of the really cool packaging designed by April Claggett. What fun! Assuming everything is kosher from a bits front, we’ll start the duplication process so that we can have […]

Engineering Bright Penny: From the Bitter Liberals Second CD Again

The almost final step engineering the recording of Clark Hansbarger’s song Bright Penny at National Media Services. Gary McGraw and Will Shenk spend a couple of hours or so on each track. The last and final step is choosing a song order and mastering the final disc to balance out the song levels. Looks like […]

Again is in the Can: The Bitter Liberals Second CD

Monday was the last day of studio time putting down raw bits for the new CD, “Again.” As always, it was an intense time of great concentration and fun. We really love working with Will Shenk. Here is a very nice vignette video that Will shot while we were recording. We recorded two songs this […]

The Bitter Liberals Studio Work (CD#2 “Again”)

Friday we were all back in the studio at National Media Services in Front Royal hoping to get the last five songs from Again into the can. Three out of five is not bad. We recorded Pick One, Scarlet at Midnight, and Worry Me No More. Six hours later, we were toast. Working with engineer […]

The Bitter Liberals: Studio work on Again (CD#2)

Clark Hansbarger and I spent six hours in the studio yesterday with Will Shenk working on the new Bitter Liberals CD. National Media Services has added a new soundproof recording room to their arsenal (there are now four rooms separated by glass). The mixing console and monitor room are being recombobulated too. But the NMS […]

CD2 Title Track: Again (download it now)

Clark Hansbarger and I were in the studio today creating final mixes for the new CD, which according to Leesburg Today is called Again. As always, working with Will Shenk at National Media Services in Front Royal was a joy. Hard and tedious work, but very rewarding. Here is a pre-release mp3 file of Allen […]

The Bitter Liberals: Musica for the Studio and 2.21 Concert

Last night we spent some time working out the arrangements for the four new songs that we will record in the studio this Sunday. That will get us to seven songs in the can for the new CD! We also spent some time chatting with reporters from Leesburg Today and the Winchester Star. Amy was […]

The Bitter Liberals in the Studio 12.14

One year to the day after the Newtown children’s massacre we found ourselves in the studio recording two songs compelled by that awful event. We took our time working this go ’round, recording three songs properly and producing 5 sketches. All of these songs will show up on a new CD sometime sooner rather than […]