This Week’s Musica Snowed Out

So much for the first day of Spring! You may recall that we call Bitter Liberals band practice “musica” so that we don’t have to say “practice.” By any name, there was none due to an actual real snow storm. About 4 inches of snow and still coming down — noplasticshower (@noplasticshower) March 21, […]

The Bitter Liberals Working Hard

We’re rearranging all of our material to suit our new configuration with bass and drums. Things are really coming together! But as you can imagine, it’s plenty of work. Of course it is also really fun. Here are some shots from our last “musica” session (we use that neologism to avoid saying the word practice). […]

We’re baaaaack (introducing Nick and Michael)

Not too long ago at an art opening in Millwood, more than one person asked me about the Bitter Liberals.  “What has become of you guys?” seems to be a common sentiment—completely understandable given our year long show hiatus! We’ve been busy retooling the band with the addition of bass and drums played by two […]

Music in Africa + 2017 Show

The Bitter Liberal’s UN Ambassador Clark Hansbarger spent some of his recent time in Africa playing music for the world’s most remote Bitter Liberals fans. From Arusha, Tanzania Clark reports, “This was one fun bunch of kids…they sang and danced… perfect pitch!”     Meanwhile back in Virginia, the Bitter Liberals are turning over the […]

The Bitter Liberals Shoot Skeet (cross posting)

On a beautiful Fall day, the arsenal comes down. One half of the Bitter Liberals came out to plink and shoot some clays. Aubrey was in the house. Fall plinking — noplasticshower (@noplasticshower) October 15, 2016 On a walk by the river we found a fellow creature.

Wisconsin Before Richmond

Bitter Liberals fiddle player is in Madison, Wisconsin this week. Tonight in Madison Ritt Dietz and his 4 piece will have an extra fiddle in the mix. If you’re in Wisconsin, come on out! Meanwhile the Bitter Liberals are working on new material for the upcoming Richmond show. Get your tickets for that now by […]