Bitter Liberals Cross Pollination: Introducing April Claggett

PLEASE DONATE TO APRIL CLAGGETT’S KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN HERE Do you like the way the (whammy nominated) Bitter Liberals CDs look? How about those cool posters for all of our gigs? And that Bitter Liberals sticker you have on your car? All of our original Bitter Liberals art is created by April Claggett, an artist from […]

The Bitter Liberals: Musica for the Studio and 2.21 Concert

Last night we spent some time working out the arrangements for the four new songs that we will record in the studio this Sunday. That will get us to seven songs in the can for the new CD! We also spent some time chatting with reporters from Leesburg Today and the Winchester Star. Amy was […]

What is a Liberal (hint: a cocktail)

The Bitter Liberals is a great name for a band if we do say so ourselves. But did you know we were named after a drink called “The Liberal”? Well kinda. Here’s a tutorial on how to make one (content courtesy of noplasticshowers: glassaholic). The Liberal 0.75 Bourbon (Blanton’s is a good choice) 0.75 Sweet […]

The Bitter Liberals Love Berryville

Wow. What an incredible audience. The 1.5.13 concert at the Barns in Berryville was a blast! We absolutely adore playing for you guys. We played the concert in memory of Mikey’s brother Frank. Thanks to you, we sold out the venue (165 tickets in advance, 210 tickets sold plus guestlist attendees = 230 people or […]