Tally Ho Bits

And now for something completely different. The Tally Ho tacos were the best green room food ever. Silver Line Station played a nice set. There was a nice crowd. The staff was very gracious and welcoming (thanks Ripley), Don Devine lived up to his name, and we (mostly) had a good time playing for some […]

Leesburg Today Covers the Bitter Liberals’ Tally Ho Gig

Cool beans. Leesburg Today wrote about our upcoming show at the Tally Ho. Check it out. And please come to the show! Get your tickets today and save $5! Details about the show. Setlist. TICKETS.

Come See the Bitter Liberals Friday 10/9 at the Tally Ho

Please come out and see us this Friday night in Leesburg at the Tally Ho! We love playing our music for you. This will be our biggest show yet. Save $5 by getting tickets in advance. TICKETS HERE who: The Bitter Liberals and Silver Line station what: An Evening of Americana concert of all original […]

Getting Ready for Leesburg: The Bitter Liberals at the Tally Ho 10/9

We’re playing what for us will be a big show at the Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, Virginia on Friday October 9th. It’s a beautiful venue with plenty of room for a big crowd (that’s where you come in). We’ll be joined by Silver Line Station for an evening of all original music. We always […]

Bitter Liberals Spotted Skipping Musica

Allen and Mike said that they could not make it to musica this week because they were too busy. But what they really meant was they were too “at the beach!” Meanwhile Clark and I were back in Virginia working on the set list for the Tally Ho Gig. We’re not bitter about that at […]