Leesburg Today Covers the Bitter Liberals’ Tally Ho Gig

Cool beans. Leesburg Today wrote about our upcoming show at the Tally Ho. Check it out. And please come to the show! Get your tickets today and save $5! Details about the show. Setlist. TICKETS.

The Bitter Liberals Go Wide: Three Gigs This Weekend by Band Members

First, a James McMurtry quote from Leesburg Today: “When we first knew them, they were a couple of years older than us. They were like the cool kids we looked up to,” McMurtry said of Kitselman and Jewell. “They were sort of the heroes…Allen has always been a great songwriter and an incredible guitar player.” […]

The Bitter Liberals: Musica for the Studio and 2.21 Concert

Last night we spent some time working out the arrangements for the four new songs that we will record in the studio this Sunday. That will get us to seven songs in the can for the new CD! We also spent some time chatting with reporters from Leesburg Today and the Winchester Star. Amy was […]

The Bitter Liberals SATURDAY Show in Leesburg Today

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Leesburg Today covers the Bitter Liberals upcoming Saturday show with a picture and everything. See you at the show! What: The Bitter Liberals in Concert Who: Allen Kitselman (guitar/vocals), Mike Jewell (conga/vocals), Gary McGraw (violin/vocals), Clark Hansbarger (guitar/vocals) When: Saturday, May 11, Doors open at 7:30 pm, music starts […]