Thanks Berryville!

The Bitter Liberals got the energy boosting sendoff we were looking for at the Barns of Rose Hill show Saturday night. Thanks to the 100 (or so) people who came! The house was full of love and the gig was a blast. Now we’re headed to the studio to make some more music. Of special […]

The Bitter Liberals 2015 Year in Review

What a cool year we had in 2015. New venues. New songs. Lots of new folks coming out to hear us do what we love to do most. We tried to come up with a top ten list, but each gig we played had its own special moments that would put it at the top. […]

Art that Inspires

The Purcellville show almost didn’t happen. Allen sent a text message Saturday morning that simply said “I have laryngitis.” Instead of panicking, we decided not to decide how to proceed until the 4:30 sound check. By then, endless steam baths, a fistful of drugs, no talking or whispering, and a shot of bourbon made things […]