Thanks Berryville!

The Bitter Liberals got the energy boosting sendoff we were looking for at the Barns of Rose Hill show Saturday night. Thanks to the 100 (or so) people who came! The house was full of love and the gig was a blast. Now we’re headed to the studio to make some more music. Of special […]

Suni’s House Concert 1.3.14

What a joy. The house concert at Suni’s was an excellent evening for the band and the audience too. The concert was played in memory of Ike who died Thursday the 2nd after thirteen years as a dedicated and very special dog. During the show, the Bitter Liberals debuted several new songs and unveiled Clark […]

The Bitter Liberals House Concert 1.03.14 (save the date)

The Bitter Liberals live. We’ve missed you guys the last couple of months. But we’ve been busy while you’ve been gone, writing new music! We plan to perform a bunch of new sensitive big boy music for you at a house concert in Clarke County on Friday January 3rd, 2014. (Contact us via email for […]

The Bitter Liberals Purcellville Show

Thanks for coming to see us in Purcellville Saturday! It was a crazy weekend to play a concert what with multiple weddings, proms, mother’s day, and general distracting merriment all around, but we managed to gather a welcoming crowd of 100. We really appreciated being able to perform our music for you. So much joy. […]