The Bitter Liberals House Concert 1.03.14 (save the date)

The Bitter Liberals live. We’ve missed you guys the last couple of months. But we’ve been busy while you’ve been gone, writing new music! We plan to perform a bunch of new sensitive big boy music for you at a house concert in Clarke County on Friday January 3rd, 2014. (Contact us via email for details, of which more soon. Hint: you’ve been there before. Meanwhile, pencil in the date on your calendar.)

Sketch by Joel Winstead.

Sketch by Joel Winstead.

In other Bitter Liberals news, we will head to the studio on December 14th to record three new tracks that will eventually find their way onto a new CD. Who knows, maybe we’ll release a single during the house concert.

Help us ring in the new year properly! See you soon.

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