April Claggett and Rhine Singleton: An Artful Family

Yeah, they live in New Hampshire, which is not exactly local, but believe it or not, you already know all about the work of April and Rhine.  Together with Gary McGraw, Rhine makes up Where’s Aubrey who have been playing shows in Virginia (and raising money for charity) for many years. Where’s Aubrey will release […]

The Bitter Liberals in Berryville 8.9.14

What a show. We love performing in Berryville—our very own hometown. The arts thrive in our community, and we hugely appreciate that! Thanks for helping us celebrate the release of our new CD Again with great style and panache. We performed all 11 of the songs on Again during the show. Here are some videos […]

Summer Harvest

The new Bitter Liberals CD has arrived. Just like the other fruits of our labor. Special thanks to Will Shenk from National Media Services (engineering), April Claggett (art), and Amy Barley (photography and endless musica). COME HELP US CELEBRATE!

The Bitter Liberals Love Berryville: BRH 2.21.14 Show

We always love playing our hometown. 130 people came out to fill the house at BRH Friday. The audience was engaged, appreciative, and a little sassy. Just like we like it. What a show! We played some fan favorites. And some new songs, including Tammy Lee. Worry me no More is one of the new […]

Suni’s House Concert 1.3.14

What a joy. The house concert at Suni’s was an excellent evening for the band and the audience too. The concert was played in memory of Ike who died Thursday the 2nd after thirteen years as a dedicated and very special dog. During the show, the Bitter Liberals debuted several new songs and unveiled Clark […]

House Concert at Suni’s: The Bitter Liberals 12.1.12 (cross posted from apothecaryshed)

This posting originated on apothecaryshed 12.3.12. Some pictures by Amy Barley from Saturday. Bitter Liberals play their first full length two set concert. Set list Happy Birthday (to Mike) Orphan Girl Half Moon Sky Fall of the Rice Kingdom 100 Cigarettes More Than This Bright Penny 13 Years A Night Like This Laura Lou TMA […]