The Bitter Liberals Love Loudoun 3.8.14 Show

Great show last night at Franklin Park Arts Center. An appreciative crowd of over 100 came to be part of it. Thank you! We can rock. We can roll. The title song for the new CD is Again. Here is a live version. A pre-release studio mp3 is also available. We love playing our music […]

All of the stories behind 13

Almost all of the songs we write tell stories. Over the last 13 weeks, we have shared those stories with you on this blog. Here is an index to the stories behind the song for each song on 13 (in CD order). An index to the stories: TMA Cool Half Moon Sky Laura Lou Time […]

The story behind “Drink”

As you know, almost all of the songs we write tell stories. We want to share those stories with you. We’ll post the story behind the story for each song on 13 here for you to read. The plan is to feature one song each week for the next 13 weeks. Here is the story […]