Bitter Liberals Band Members Go Wide

Reports have reached California that the Bitter liberals “massively distributed” gigs last weekend were great. Kara Allen Clark played in Purcellville. Raised in a cabin in Gap Mills, West Virginia, Kara Allen Clark took to music as a toddler, diaper-clogging on the wood porch as her daddy (the legendary one fingered claw hammer banjoist Clyde […]

The Bitter Liberals Go Wide: Three Gigs This Weekend by Band Members

First, a James McMurtry quote from Leesburg Today: “When we first knew them, they were a couple of years older than us. They were like the cool kids we looked up to,” McMurtry said of Kitselman and Jewell. “They were sort of the heroes…Allen has always been a great songwriter and an incredible guitar player.” […]

Mikey and Allen Play a Gig: The Angostura Liberals Debut Friday

Mike Jewell and I met in August, 1970. I was sitting alone, dejected after my parents uprooted me from an idyllic life in New Jersey and moved me to what seemed like a rural wasteland in Loudoun County. With no friends, I was feeling really sorry for myself, sitting alone tossing rocks into the water […]

The Angostura Liberals Open for Curtis McMurtry March 15th

The Angostura Liberals (a particular kind of bitters) will open for the multi-talented Curtis McMurtry at the Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville on March 15th. Buy tickets here. Last seen together with Curtis’s famous musician father James McMurtry in Waterford, Curtis and his fine band played just before the Bitter Liberals for an enthusiastic […]

The Bitter Liberals: More Than This (cross posting from apothecaryshed)

This post originated on apothecaryshed 11.11.12. Video from the November 3rd show in Waterford, VA. More Than This is our one and only cover song, originally by Roxy Music. Drink. For Elizabeth. 13 Years. To Rest in Your Arms Again A complete set of sound files courtesy of Ethan Osbourne. In set order. TMA cool […]

The Bitter Liberals in Waterford (cross post from apothecaryshed)

This post originated on apothecaryshed 11.4.12. The Waterford show at the Old Schoolhouse was incredible fun last night. We played to a packed house (250 people bought tickets for a venue that really holds 100 and most of em came). Our heartfelt thanks to the audience for your warm welcome. We absolutely loved playing for […]

The Bitter Liberals Open for McMurtry Nov 3rd (cross post from apothecaryshed)

This post originated on apothecaryshed 10.9.12. After rocking debut in Berryville on September 19th, the Bitter Liberals will open for James McMurtry in Waterford on November 3rd. The Bitter Liberals is a new collaboration between four longtime local musicians, Allen Kitselman, Mike Jewell, Clark Hansbarger, and Gary McGraw featuring all original music inspired by high-end […]