Bitter Liberals Band Members Go Wide

Reports have reached California that the Bitter liberals “massively distributed” gigs last weekend were great. Kara Allen Clark played in Purcellville. Raised in a cabin in Gap Mills, West Virginia, Kara Allen Clark took to music as a toddler, diaper-clogging on the wood porch as her daddy (the legendary one fingered claw hammer banjoist Clyde […]

Mikey and Allen Play a Gig: The Angostura Liberals Debut Friday

Mike Jewell and I met in August, 1970. I was sitting alone, dejected after my parents uprooted me from an idyllic life in New Jersey and moved me to what seemed like a rural wasteland in Loudoun County. With no friends, I was feeling really sorry for myself, sitting alone tossing rocks into the water […]