New Material Takes Work

Three records is apparently not enough.                 We’re busy working on new songs.  Last night at musica, Clark brought in three new songs.  We spent two hours working on one of them, taking it in and Bitter Liberals-ifying it.  Lots of work goes into making a Bitter Liberals […]

Bright Box Bits: A Fantastic Show

What a night! A great crowd of over 100 filled the house at the Bright Box in Winchester Friday for the first Bitter Liberals show of 2016. The sound was crystal clear. The crowd’s enthusiasm seeped out into social media where some videos from the show have garnered multiple hundreds of views. We love it! […]

Stories, stories, stories

Wednesday has almost passed us by—a terrible side effect of Board meetings and cocktails. But we’re here for you! So we thought we would remind you about the stories behind each and every Bitter Liberals ballad. That’s right, all of our songs have a story. Makes for some good early summer reading. Going to the […]

Bitter Liberals Cross Pollination: Introducing April Claggett

PLEASE DONATE TO APRIL CLAGGETT’S KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN HERE Do you like the way the (whammy nominated) Bitter Liberals CDs look? How about those cool posters for all of our gigs? And that Bitter Liberals sticker you have on your car? All of our original Bitter Liberals art is created by April Claggett, an artist from […]

The Bitter Liberals in Leesburg, VA at Acoustic on the Green 7.26

Come see the Bitter Liberals perform at Acoustic on the Green in Leesburg, VA Saturday July 26. The concert is free and open to the public. We will be playing songs from both 13 and Again. See you there!

On Fire Again: The Bitter Liberals in Leesburg Today

A fantastic article in today’s edition of Leesburg Today does a great job capturing the essence of the Bitter Liberals. Come see for yourself Friday at the Barns in Berryville. On Fire Again: The Bitter Liberals Rediscover the Joys of Collaboration