The Bitter Liberals 2015 Year in Review

What a cool year we had in 2015. New venues. New songs. Lots of new folks coming out to hear us do what we love to do most. We tried to come up with a top ten list, but each gig we played had its own special moments that would put it at the top. So instead, here are a few pics and memories from another fine year as The Bitter Liberals.

The Bitter Liberals in White Post

The Bitter Liberals in White Post

Jay and Peggy Duvall’s barn concert was warm and spectacular. A packed house of 80 friends, cool blue lighting, and walls hung with paintings by Winslow McCagg gave the gig this close, intimate feel. And something about that room made the sound ring clear and bright.

JC After the Show

JC After the Show

Superfan and super good friend JC came every gig we played this year but one. If we gave a prize for such kindness, he’d win. Thanks, JC! You’re on the list for the Bright Box show on January 8.

Sharing the bill at the Tally Ho Theater with Silver Line Station was a blast, even as we endured our first gig where the crowd who gathered around the bar at the back of the theater was as loud as the music. Humbling, but fun just the same.

Green Room

Green Room

The Best Green Room Award goes to the Opera House in Shepherdstown. It’s actually more of a Green House, replete with multiple couches, nice bathrooms with showers, a full fridge, and a fine home cooked supper of fish éttouffée and rice. We can’t seem to fill the theater, but we love playing there. Maybe in 2016 we’ll get those West Virginia’s to come on out.

The Tin Pan…ahh, The Tin Pan. Man oh man, do we love that excellent Richmond listening room. The great sound man dialed us in like nobody else has, and the place was packed with fine folks ready for a concert. Add Charles Arthur—the fifth Bitter Liberal—making the evening one of our favorites ever.

The Bitter Liberals  Shiva: Bright Box Theater Winchester

The Bitter Liberals
Shiva: Bright Box Theater Winchester

And our first gig at Winchester’s Bright Box, where we had a great time playing for a full house of folks gathered at the cozy tables packed in that warm, wonderful theater. The sound kid (for he couldn’t have been more than twenty) was incredible…intuitive and more than competent in giving us the sound we love.

And we begin our 2016 story there with a concert January 8. Help us kick off 2016 right and get your tickets now.


Finally, thanks always to Joel Winstead for his remarkable live sketches…

The Bitter Liberals by Joel Winstead (sketch)

The Bitter Liberals by Joel Winstead (sketch)

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