Getting Ready for Leesburg: The Bitter Liberals at the Tally Ho 10/9

We’re playing what for us will be a big show at the Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, Virginia on Friday October 9th. It’s a beautiful venue with plenty of room for a big crowd (that’s where you come in). We’ll be joined by Silver Line Station for an evening of all original music.


We always prepare for our shows, often getting a set list ready pretty far in advance. This show is no exception.

Here is what we’ll be playing. (A link is included to the story behind most of the songs.)

100 Cigarettes
When the Night Will Let Me
Pick One
Scarlet at Midnight
Half Moon Sky
More Than This (this song by Roxy Music is one of our two covers )
Dream of a Good Death
Worry Me No More
Tiger By the Tail (this song is new)
TMA Cool

For an encore, we may whip out a Genghis Angus tune:

We do hope you’ll join us in Leesburg. Tickets are available now.


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Leesburg: The Bitter Liberals at the Tally Ho 10/9

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