The story behind “Pick One”

As you know, almost all of the songs we write tell stories. We want to share those stories with you.  Just as we did for the songs on our first CD 13, we’ll post the story behind each song on our new CD Again here for you to read. The plan is to feature one song each week for the next 11 weeks.

Here is the story behind Pick One as related by Allen Kitselman.

From our new CD Again

The song “Pick One”

This song is a cautionary tale about the dangerous combination of politics, loved ones, and social media. It may be a song, but it is also an always open invitation to mend broken hearts, heal old wounds, and bring two people who should love one another back together. The title was a gift from my friend Sarah who has lived through a similar experience. It was her good advice to pick one and then be happy with your life. Or at least try.

Allen Kitselman

Read the lyrics to Pick One.
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