CD2 Title Track: Again (download it now)

Clark Hansbarger and I were in the studio today creating final mixes for the new CD, which according to Leesburg Today is called Again. As always, working with Will Shenk at National Media Services in Front Royal was a joy. Hard and tedious work, but very rewarding.

Here is a pre-release mp3 file of Allen Kitselman’s song Again (from the self-titled CD). Note: this track has not yet been mastered.

Download Again as mp3

While we were mixing, Will decided to become part of the borg.

Will Shenk wearing Google Glass: Borgs Do It Better

Will Shenk wearing Google Glass: Borgs Do It Better

We’re psyched to play this song for you live tomorrow night in Purcellville at Franklin Park Arts Center. If you don’t have a ticket yet, get one now.

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