The Bitter Liberals: Studio work on Again (CD#2)

Clark Hansbarger and I spent six hours in the studio yesterday with Will Shenk working on the new Bitter Liberals CD. National Media Services has added a new soundproof recording room to their arsenal (there are now four rooms separated by glass). The mixing console and monitor room are being recombobulated too. But the NMS crown jewel Will Shenk remains as outstanding as ever.

Bitter Liberal Gary McGraw at the console producing the new CD "Again."

Bitter Liberal Gary McGraw at the console producing the new CD “Again.”

We now have 6 songs “in the can” with 4 to go:
Paint Your Joy on the Wall
On a Train Above Miami
Sacrificial Lambs
Tammy Lee

The new stuff is sounding super good. We’re taking our time (and spending more of our money) on this one, and we think you will love it. Have a listen to the title track Again (un-mastered).

See you tonight for your Bitter Liberals fix when Allen Kitselman entertains us all and talks about his stellar songwriting in Leesburg. The show has been SOLD OUT for over a week. If you’re one of the lucky people with a ticket, well, we’ll see you there!

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