The Bitter Liberals Guide to Wild Wonderful Shepherdstown, WV

We’re playing a show in a beautiful place this week. Come see for yourself.


Make this Friday a real evening out in Shepherdstown, home of the world famous CATF festival and some real culture.

If you haven’t been to Shepherdstown before, you’ll find it one of the coolest small towns in our region—lovely, historical, hip, and filled with great dining.

For fine fare and a (reasonably well) stocked bar, check out The Press Room right next door to the Opera House Theater where our show starts at 8pm. So get that reservation now for 6:30pm.

Around the corner is the ever-favorite, gourmet organic Blue Moon Cafe.

Good Thai and decent sushi can be found across the street at Kuzo; and you can find delicious Mexican at Maria’s Tacqueria down the block.

The Bitter Liberals show starts at 8pm sharp at the Opera House with local favorites John R. Miller and Kara Hansbarger, who will sing a half hour or so of classic country duets. Expect some Lorretta, some Conway, and some Gramm Parsons guaranteed.

And then we’ll play all original music—two sets. Music that we love to play for you.

Anyway, come surprise yourself in Shepherdstown. See you there. And make sure tell them the Bitter Liberals sent you.


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