One City: The Bitter Liberals in Shepherdstown, WV (Eaten by the Shenandoah)

The night was gorgeous and the venue was sweet. Shepherdstown hospitality at the Opera House was set to “max stun.” Thanks Larry.

Among the highlights, the greenest green room on the tour, replete with chirping birds, venerable old trees, fresh herbs, an outside porch, a comfy living room, a full kitchen, two well-stocked fridges, and the green of West Virginia. Dinner was served. And so were Liberals from the ever present doctor’s bag. Backstage was almost as much fun as playing the show.

We took pictures. Lots of them. We wanted to show you the green room. We had hi-res video of the band playing new material. Then we dropped our camera in the Shenandoah the next day. No bits for you! Blooop.

The Bitter Liberals were super pleased with the sound in the room which was among the best we’ve played. And the audience was appreciative, vocal, and of decent proportion to the room.

All around a great gig. We’ll be back.

Just to prove that we did, in fact, play an actual concert, here is some very lo-res phone video posted by a fan to FB.

Our opening act was local favorite John R. Miller singing duets with Bitter Liberal daughter Kara Hansbarger.

Next up in the Four City, One Barn Tour on AUGUST 14: We’ll be in Winchester, VA at the Brightbox Friday August 14th. Tickets available now.

2 thoughts on “One City: The Bitter Liberals in Shepherdstown, WV (Eaten by the Shenandoah)

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