Cool Off with the Bitter Liberals THIS SATURDAY

Ready for the Bitter Liberals show Saturday night? We are. Well, almost. We’ve been working on our sets. If fact, here is a picture of Allen editing the set lists.

Allen edits the sets at musica Tuesday night

We’re going to practice again tonight even though we completed an entire run through last night. We have a mystery guest joining us for a song in set two and she will be practicing with us tonight.

Just for fun, we’re planning to open the show with a brand new song that Clark wrote. It’s a thoughtful think piece of a song that will require you to lean in and listen. We hope you love it as much as we do.

So, we really hope we’ll see you Saturday night. Get your tickets in advance!

Nick assembles the cymbals.

Thanks for supporting local music. Our plan is to cool you off in the heat of summer like an afternoon cloudburst. Ahhhhh.

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