Ghosts, Figments, Mass Hypnotism and the Civil War

Though there were 130 people packed into the Barns of Rose Hill for the Civil War CD debut (on a Thursday!!), only one person had a camera! Thank the stars for Michael Hobert! Needless to say, the concert was magical. Clark’s high concept was a smash hit in practice. The audience was rapt, and the […]

Civil War CD Debut TOMORROW at BRH: Get Your Tickets in Advance

Clark Hansbarger and company have been practicing. Those Civil War songs are sounding shiny. In fact, things are sounding very good indeed. All we need now is you. Please come hear us play the Civil War CD live tomorrow night! We promise you a good show. Who: Clark Hansbarger, Allen Kitselman, Gary McGraw, Mike Jewell, […]