Bitter Liberals Joyous (cross post from apothecaryshed)

This post originated on apothecaryshed 9.20.12. Damn, that was fun. Last night’s debut show was played for a standing room crowd on a school night. Our 40 minute set ended with a standing ovation. We played a set full of originals and we loved every second of it. Clark Hansbarger on guitar Mikey Jewell on […]

The Bitter Liberals (cross post from apothecaryshed)

This posting originated on apothecaryshed 8.23.12. There’s a new band in town. The Bitter Liberals is a brand new collaboration between four longtime local musicians, Allen Kitselman, Mike Jewell, Clark Hansbarger, and Gary McGraw featuring all original music inspired by high-end mixology. We’re playing our first concert at the Barns of Rose Hill on Wednesday […]