Bitter Liberals Joyous (cross post from apothecaryshed)

This post originated on apothecaryshed 9.20.12.

Damn, that was fun. Last night’s debut show was played for a standing room crowd on a school night. Our 40 minute set ended with a standing ovation. We played a set full of originals and we loved every second of it.

The Bitter Liberals concert debut.

Clark Hansbarger on guitar

Mikey Jewell on conga.

The Bitter Liberals in the moment

Setlist: Barns of Rose Hill 9/19/12 concert debut
01 TMA Cool (kitselman)
02 A Man Needs a Home (hansbarger)
03 Bright Penny (hansbarger)
04 More Than This (roxy music)
05 Half Moon Sky (hansbarger)
06 A Night Like This (hansbarger)
07 Drink (kitselman)
08 Save Your Life (kitselman)

Allen Kitselman on guitar

More than this, there is nothing.

Gary McGraw on fiddle

We’ll be back!

Thanks to Michael Hobert for the pictures.

And this video:

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