Pictures, Sounds, and Videos from The Bitter Liberals Sold Out Show 1.12.18 at the Bright Box

The Bitter Liberals perform live original music


Well, that was fun. The new configuration of the Bitter Liberals has proven itself to be popular, selling out the Bright Box in our first show together. Thanks to all who came.

Here is a brand new song, written together with the band in 2017. It’s called Dreamcatcher. This is our debut performance.


Gary McGraw croons along with Nick Shrenk on the drumkit.


Allen Kitselman and Gary McGraw share a moment of joy performing together


Clark Hansbarger sings one of his compositions while Michael Rohrer plays bass


The Bitter Liberals at the Bright Box 1.12.18


Wait, is that an electric guitar? Why yes. Yes it is.


Michael plays stand up bass


The Bitter Liberals new five man configuration


Moah better Bitter Liberals


Allen up the neck


Michael on electric fretless bass


Clark plays a hook on his electric guitar (well, one of them anyway)


Here is a set of five soundfiles from the show for a handful of the songs we played. Two hour long sets with a rapt and appreciative audience. We love it!

TMA Cool by the Bitter Liberals


Dreamcatcher by the Bitter Liberals


When We Let Go by the Bitter Liberals


Karma by the Bitter Liberals


Scarlet at Midnight by the Bitter Liberals


Paging Mr Schrenk. Mr Schrenk please proceed to the drumset


Allen Kitselman in the moment


Gary McGraw leaning and dancing with his violin


Michael concentrating


Sing it Bitters!


Guitars abound


Filling in and around as Clark plays a song


The Bitter Liberals on stage at the Bright Box in Winchester, VA


Yes please. More Bitter Liberals.


More singing. McGraw on harmony.


Our opening act, Hiroya Tsukamoto, was beyond phenomenal. An honor to play with Hiro!

Hiroya Tsukamoto opens for the Bitter Liberals


Hiro runs his own sound



Finally, here is another video from the show. Since You’ve Been Gone, another song by Clark Hansbarger.

Save the date. The Bitter Liberals will perform Saturday June 30th at the Tin Pan in Richmond, VA.

thanks to brad pierce, amy barley, and eli mcgraw for pictures and to john schrenk for video

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