Rumor and Innuendo About the Bitter Liberals Show THIS Friday 1.12.18

You heard it here first! Our esteemed drummer Nick Schrenk has a special announcement about Friday’s show at the Bright Box.

See you there (if not Led Zeppelin). Sadly, it appears to be too late to get your tickets here, this show is SOLD OUT.

Lots of tickets have been sold for this show, so make sure you get to the Bright Box early to get prime seats. The doors open at 7, and food and drinks will be available then. Our opening act, Hiroya Tsukamoto, will play a set from 8:00pm-8:40. We will likely start playing our two sets just before 9pm.

We are completely psyched to debut our new sound. Can’t wait to see you all Friday! Thanks to our awesome supporters for selling out the Bright Box!

Don’t forget that after the show, the band will step across the downtown mall for a reception at the Dharma Studio where our non-resident band artist April Claggett has an art show up curated by Amy Barley. You’ve seen April’s work on our posters, including that one up there one for our upcoming Bright Box show. In fact that bird itself is available for purchase. Please plan to come see April’s art and meet the band.

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