Practice Makes Perfect

But Nobody is Perfect (so why practice)?

That’s what we used to say back when I was a kid taking violin lessons. Now, we practice because we care. Our art is music, and we get lots of joy from sharing our art with you. Plus we really like not to suck.


Speaking of which, the debut of the ALL NEW Bitter Liberals lineup (including Nick and Michael) will happen Friday January 12th in Winchester at the Bright Box Theater. We hope you will join us for an evening of Bitter Liberals music, great food, beverages of the usual sort, and an opening act all the way from Japan.

That’s right, Hiroya Tsukamoto will open the show with a set of masterful guitar music. Check out his work:

After the show on the 12th, the band will step across the downtown mall for a reception at the Dharma Studio where our non-resident band artist April Claggett has a show up curated by Amy Barley. You’ve seen April’s work on our posters, including this one for our upcoming Bright Box show. Please plan to come see it.

Though the opening already happened when Rhine and April were in town for the Where’s Aubrey gig, the art will be in place through January.

Speaking of Where’s Aubrey. Thanks to the 100+ people who came to the show and collectively raised $1181 for Habitat for Humanity, bringing Where’s Aubrey’s all time concert total for charity to $15,662. You guys rock!


2 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

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