Tell Your Friends about the Bitter Liberals

We’re still glowing over our 9.29 show in Berryville (see pictures and videos here). Thanks again for coming out in force and supporting local music! It was great to play our music for you.

The Bitter Liberals in the groove.

We’re also psyched about our new record, now more than ever, which we released at the show. We’re still in the process of making physical copies available for purchase over the net. Soon CDBaby and amazon will have copies of the CD you can buy. Once that happens, we’ll start a series of postings about the 11 songs on the new CD.

Meanwhile, have a listen to this track called Looking Out the Window for You. This one was written by Clark Hansbarger.

Available soon on CDBaby and amazon.

While we’re getting our digital act together, please tell your friends about the Bitter Liberals. Like us on our Facebook page. And get yourself and your friends added to our mailing list by sending an email request to

Our next show will be Friday January 11th at the Bright Box in Winchester. Save the date!
(Write it down on your calendars now.) Tickets are not yet available.

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