From an Undisclosed Location

The Bitter Liberals have just invaded and secured a top secret new practice space outside of Berryville. The sound is great in the new space, and we’re tightening up our arrangements getting ready for our first show in the new configuration January 12th.

We like having our gear all set up for plug and play work.  We also like hearing ourselves clearly in stage configuration.


Speaking of the Bright Box show, we just arranged for an incredible opening act, coming all the way from Japan. Hiroya Tsukamoto is a stunning guitarist who will play a set starting at 8pm before the Bitter Liberals take the stage. Make sure to arrive early to get great seats and have some drinks (dinner too) before the show. Doors open at 7pm.


Here are some pictures of last night’s musica session.

gem’s book of bitters


Allen is accumulating guitars (still)


We tune because we care


Sound board on the console


We record our work for review and critique


While you’re here, make sure to get tickets for the 12.29 Where’s Aubrey show in Berryville. Tickets are selling fast. The show features the original work of Gary McGraw and Rhine Singleton who will debut their eighth CD diversion while raising money for habitat for humanity. Come hear some excellent music while supporting your community in Clarke county.

Tickets for the Where’s Aubrey show 12.29


2 thoughts on “From an Undisclosed Location

  1. I spy….my big brother, Michael Rohrer, in your new secret space!
    Hope to attend an upcoming show-checking the calendar and will tell others!!!
    Nancy Rohrer Sanchez
    Mike’s kid sister

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