Bitter Liberals Join Where’s Aubrey in Supporting Habitat for Humanity

Here’s something to be thankful for and a way to give back to your community at the same time.

3/5ths of the Bitter Liberals will join Where’s Aubrey on stage at the Barns of Rose Hill Friday December 29th. All of the CD release concert proceeds will go directly to Habitat for Humanity—in particular to Habitat for Humanity WFC for work being done in Clarke County, Virginia.

Tickets for the show are available now. Please join us!

Habitat for Humanity WFC only recently began its good work in Clarke County. Read all about it here in two articles from the Winchester Star. Where’s Aubrey, which has raised $14,481 playing benefit shows to date, is proud to support Habitat, and doubly proud that Habitat has moved into Clarke County.

Where’s Aubrey with special guest Allen Kitselman

We do hope you can join us for the release of “diversion” and support Habitat for Humanity!

5 thoughts on “Bitter Liberals Join Where’s Aubrey in Supporting Habitat for Humanity

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