The Bitter Liberals in a Community of Artists

As individuals, all four members of the Bitter Liberals appreciate art. One of us creates artisan birdhouses and one of us designs buildings and living spaces, for example. However, as a band we also want to do our part to support the local art scene and real art made by real artists. Good thing we live in Clarke County!

You may have seen our Artscape banner on the downtown Winchester mall. What you may not know yet is that the artist who created the piggy is a young person. Lizzy Salata is a 15 year old honors sophomore at James Wood High School. She has been drawing, painting and crafting since she was old enough to turn the laundry room into a craft room and hold a crayon. She has participated in the gifted art program through Frederick County public schools and PAVAN governors school for visual arts. She dances for Sharon Boyd at Centre for Dance and plays high school and travel volleyball. She is an accomplished piano player and is currently teaching herself to play the ukulele. Her real passion however is baking and decorating cupcakes from scratch!

We love the piggy and we thank Lizzy for her creation.

Piggy by Lizzy Salata

Piggy by Lizzy Salata



The Bitter Liberals support Artscape on the Winchester Downtown Mall

The Bitter Liberals support Artscape on the Winchester Downtown Mall

We also directly support April Claggett’s art by buying it to use on our posters and CDs. April is turning to her art full time now and has a kickstarter effort underway. She’s getting very close to her $4700 goal with only 29 hours to go! Please support April’s art with a donation.

Donate to April now.

Thank you all for supporting our art through your attention. We love performing for you.

4 thoughts on “The Bitter Liberals in a Community of Artists

  1. Dear Bitter Liberals,
    Thank you for YOUR art: the art of community, the art of appreciation, the art of support, the art of nurturing the creative individual, nurturing the creative local program. Nothing bitter about that!

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