The Bitter Liberals in Concert: Video from 12.13.14

Here is some video from our 12.13.14 show in Purcellville at Franklin Park. It was a busy weekend what with Jingle Jam in Leesburg and the Woodshedders in Berryville. And then there was the bout of laryngitis to top it all.

Thanks to you, we had a superb audience!

Richmond troubadour and all around musical phenom Charles Arthur played himself! We were backstage watching this, mouths agape.

Charles joined us on stage for Remodee. Here’s a video of the middle of that one (thanks to Amy Barley).

Here’s the end of Remodee (thanks to Terrie Shaeffer).

And we introduced a brand new song by Clark Hansbarger called “Waitin’ on Time.” Clark does it again with imagery that stops you in your tracks.

We love playing our music for you!

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