The Bitter Liberals Wage War on Christmas -or- FAYA-ya-ya-yaaa-ya-ya-ya-yaaa

The Bitter Liberals wish you something, for sure!

Sadly, the official Bitter Liberals holiday greeting picture was censored by the powers that be (lets just say they sit on a throne of sorts…like a tyrant…behind the drums). Anyway, those of you who know us well may recognize that Allen in his stylish seasonal headgear is holding up the FAYA greeting picture that has been redacted. Which reminds us of our favorite carol of all, the one that goes “Deck the halls with Bitter Liberals, FAYA-ya-ya-yaaa-ya-ya-ya-yaaa!”

Is free speech being suppressed? You bet it is. Well we are liberals after all, waging an intense war on the free expression of racism and xenophobia. But we’re not part of the pretend war on xmas. Nope. We wish YOU and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Salubrious Solstice and generally MERRY NEW YEAR.

Come help us celebrate 2020, the year we get our country back at the Bright Box Saturday January 4th. We have NEW SONGS.



His Majesty, Nick, says, “now you fellows don’t be naughty.”


Eggnog makes the musica go round



The Bitter Liberals practicing for the January show


p.s. If you would like to have a copy of the unredacted official Bitter Liberals holiday greetings photo, just send an email to the fiddle player.

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