Bits from the 1.11.19 Bright Box Extravaganza

Well well well, that was a heck of a way to start off the new year! A sold out gig with a fabulous audience at the Bright Box. Crisp sound, good seating, great food and drinks, and all original music made for a fun evening. Thanks to all who came.

The Bitter Liberals live at the Bright Box 1.11.19

From the stage, I can tell you that we all had a supremely great time playing for you (once Allen’s mic stand was properly duct-taped, anyway). Our favorite part was playing People Gonna Rise Up at the end of set one and watching the audience get up and dance and sing along! Rock out! If you weren’t there for this edition, you missed the “wall” we built with toddler bricks owned by Clark’s granddaughter. Hard to express just how appropriate using building materials meant for babies this “wall” building ceremony was.

Here is a video of People Gonna Rise Up created by our good friend Lauri Wiggins before the midterms and after we debuted the song at the Barns of Rose Hill

And here is how People Gonna Rise Up sounded from the audience at the Bright Box. Recorded 1.11.19 by the Bitter Liberals.

Michael Rohrer, Bitter Liberals star bass player, in a rare live photograph


Nick Schrenk is having fun


Our new song Monkey in the Middle was a hit. We love playing this one live.

Gary McGraw of the Bitter Liberals on the Violin


Bitter Liberal Clark Hansbarger sings at the Bright Box

One of the touching moments during the show was playing the song On a Train Above Miami. This song features a verse about Clark’s mom.

Bitter Liberal Allen Kitselman up the neck on electric at the Bright Box.

Aceldama is a song with a number of editions. This African version is nicely executed. Have a listen.

The Bitter Liberals at the Bright Box 1.11.19

The song When the Night Will Let Me was also a highlight of the evening.

Nick insists that he liked our version of Worry Me No More (which has a new feel to it with a shuffle beat) the best. See what you think!

Anyway, what a show! Thanks to all of our friends who came to see us do our art in real time. Your support is awesome.

Thanks again to Troy and Paula Haag who opened the show for us!

Paula Haag

Photos by Amy Barley.

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