Please Buy the Bitter Liberals New CD

Lets call this a “reverse kickstart” campaign, or maybe a “backwards gofundme,” or something like that.

You see, we already paid to record our music, get some highly original art done, and duplicate CDs.  So we don’t need you to pledge support before we do our art thing.  We already did it.  We just need you to buy our CD.

Heck, buy 10.  We’ll make more.

To get a physical CD, order one direct from CDBaby while supplies last.  When they run out, we’ll send them more.


Buy a physical CD from CDBaby


Thanks for supporting original music! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting the stories behind each of the songs on the new record. Stay tuned!

(If you’re still reading, you might also want to buy some tickets for our next show at the Bright Box January 11th. Tickets just went on sale, and last time the Bright Box show sold out.)

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