The Bitter Liberals in the Studio

The Bitter Liberals are in the music studio this week cutting a new record. We’ve been working our butts off, full of intensity, concentration, and productivity.

For this record, we’re spending four days in the studio laying down tracks. Each song was played through by the band with no vocals. Later we add vocal tracks, instrumental solos, and embellishments.

Will Shenk and his personal bodyguard (who is telling me that ABSOLUTELY NO PICTURES will be allowed)


Our trusty engineer and all around good guy Will Shenk is on the case again, making a computer eat what we’re playing with delicious results. National Media Services in Front Royal is where we are recording.

Here are some pictures that Will took.

Nick Schrenk of the Bitter Liberals on the drums


Gary McGraw of the Bitter Liberals on the violin


Clark Hansbarger of the Bitter Liberals on acoustic


Allen Kitselman of the Bitter Liberals on the resonator


Michael Rohrer of the Bitter Liberals on the bass (you can see his standup back there too)

The work is intense and fun and exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.



Michael writes out a key change (because why not)






We love playing together, and we love working hard in the crucible of the studio. We’re pretty sure you’re gonna love the new record.


Thanks for listening y’all.

Speaking of the new record, we’ll be releasing the new record in Berryville at the September show. Wise people are getting tickets already. Be wise.

One thought on “The Bitter Liberals in the Studio

  1. Thanks!!

    Love seeing my big brother, Mike, doing his thaingggg with The Bitter Liberals!

    Cool re the album!

    Can’t wait to see you all perform in person on day!

    Warmly, Nancy Rohrer Sanchez PMA Certified Pilates Teacher Balanced Body~Pilates Master Instructor Anatomy in Three Dimensions~Master Instructor ACE Personal Trainer Registered Yoga Teacher, 200hr


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