Eleven Songs

Well well well. Turns out that the Bitter Liberals have 11 new unrecorded songs in the pile. You know what that means, right? Time to get into the studio and record them!

We are having a great time in the new configuration, and our writing has been deeply influenced by our killer new Bitter Liberals rhythm section. We can’t wait to play these songs for you in person.

Speaking of which, our next show will be at the Tin Pan in Richmond, VA on June 30th. You can get tickets in advance now:

Richmond tickets here

After that, we’ll have a homecoming in our very own Clarke county Virginia at the Barns of Rose Hill in September. We’re working on a plan to have Nick exhibit some of his art during that show. About more which next week! You can get tickets for the Barns show in advance now too:

Berryville tickets here

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