On Cocktails and the Bitter Liberals

Rumor has it that our band is named after a cocktail. That’s at least partway true. Our “band cocktail” is called the Liberal. You can even see the Liberal represented graphically on our stickers.

The only challenge with the Liberal is that it requires something called Amer Picon. Nobody imports that into the United States, so we have to go to France and get it. Off to France it is!

Here is a blog posting explaining how to make a Liberal.

Of course, being the diverse and agile performers that we are, we often branch out when it comes to musica cocktails. (You may recall that we call practice “musica” so that we don’t have to utter the word “practice.”) Just this week, we concocted El President.

We’re pretty psyched about good cocktails and encourage you to make some of your own. Get this book, and have fun mixing!

While you’re clicking on things, conjure up some tickets for richmond and some tickets for our show at the Barns. It only takes a few seconds, and you’ll be glad you did it!

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