Secrets and Lies

There are two secrets.

1. You can already get tickets for our early summer Richmond show at the Tin Pan here We love playing the Tin Pan. This week one of our favorite performers, Aimee Mann, played there. Here’s what we had to say about that on twitter:

2. You can already get tickets for our Berryville show at the Barns of Rose Hill next September. See This second secret is important because way too many of our fans were not able to come to our Bright Box show since it sold out so early. Your route forward is obvious. Get ’em while they are still mostly secret!

There is one big lie. It’s a cocktail called the Seelbach which was apparently completely made up from whole cloth by an attention seeking bartender. It’s a great drink, but entirely fake.

We figured we would skip the state of the union speechifying and have fake cocktails instead while playing music.

p.s. We have new songs. You will love them.

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