Performing the Civil War Show in Union, WV SATURDAY 4.2

The Bitter Liberals are headed down to Union, West Virginia, this Saturday to perform Clark’s Civil War show Dream of a Good Death. We love performing because it is really fun, but this should be an interesting show for other reasons too.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.30.40 AM

We will be playing in an old African Methodist church, named after the son of slaves who became the first black Methodist bishop. And we’re playing in a town named Union, that was actually a Confederate stronghold, in a county that resisted joining the new state of West Virginia until near the very end of the war.

So, in short, we are playing the show in a quintessential American town—one as full of contradiction and diversity as the current presidential race.

If you feel like a weekend away in a lovely part of Appalachia, drive on down to see us at The Ames Clair Hall, 85 North Street, Union, WV.  You can stay in Lewisburg (voted “coolest small town in America”).  Show starts at 7:30pm Saturday night.

You can find more details about the show here.

You can purchase a copy of the Civil War CD here.

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