G2 on the Brightbox Theater in Winchester

The stage at the Brightbox Theater in Winchester

The stage at the Brightbox Theater in Winchester

Where’s Aubrey did some intelligence gathering on the Brightbox Theater in Winchester, VA, playing a benefit show 7/17 and releasing a new CD called Chaukori Blue. The Brightbox is a fantastic venue with great sound and an excellent vibe. The Bitter Liberals will play the last of the Four City, One Barn Tour dates at the Brightbox on Friday August 14th. Tickets for that show are available now.


Pictures and videos from the Where’ Aubrey show (which raised $500 for charity) can be found here. Two of the four Bitter Liberals joined Rhine Singleton for four songs during the Brightbox show.

Anyway, the Bitter Liberals are psyched to play at the Brightbox. See you there.

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