The Bitter Liberals Featured on Studio B Radio: Richmond Show Imminent

The Bitter Liberals “Four City, One Barn” tour is underway. One barn down, one city coming up. Please consider joining us Friday April 10th in Richmond, Virginia for a show at the brand spanking new listening room everyone is raving about—the Tin Pan. You know you want to!

Who: The Bitter Liberals
Where: The Tin Pan, Restaurant and Listening Room, 8982 Quioccasin Road, Richmond, VA 23229
When: Friday April 10, music starts 8pm
Tickets: $15 now, $18 at the door TICKETS HERE or call 804-447-8189
Why: The Four City, One Barn tour needs you

As part of the run up to the show, the Bitter Liberals were featured on Studio B radio. Have a listen (18:19-22:30).


Extra bonus. Real mixology. Rumor has it that the Tin Pan will be serving Liberals. Experience the cocktail that inspired the band!

{So, what is the Tin Pan like anyway??}

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