Bitter Liberals Vernal Equinox House Concert 3.21.15

Join The Bitter Liberals for an intimate house concert in White Post, VA. The concert will feature all original music. Join Allen Kitselman, Clark Hansbarger, Gary McGraw, and Mike Jewell for a special celebration of the vernal equinox.


Who: The Bitter Liberals
Where: undisclosed location (see reservation system)
When: Saturday March 21, 2015, doors will open at 7:30, music starts 8pm
Donation: Plan to donate $10 per head (or more !!) to the band. Thanks for supporting our art!

This space will comfortably hold 80 people. Please reserve a seat only if you are sure you can make it so that everyone can attend.

Please note that the concert is a discrete BYOB event.

Click here or on the sticker to reserve a seat.

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