Live BRH 8.9.14 (set2) Recordings

Thanks to Dave Howard, we are pleased to post a second set of excellent audio recordings from our Again release show in Berryville on 8.9.14. Feel free to download and share these files.

Clark Hansbarger of The Bitter Liberals

Clark Hansbarger of The Bitter Liberals

To read more about the concert and see some video, click on the picture above.

TMA Cool

Paint Your Joy on the Wall

Scarlet at Midnight

Tammy Lee

More Than This

Pick One

Train Above Miami


Bright Penny

Save Your Life

We pride ourselves on putting on an excellent show, and we love when you come to hear us. Our next big show will be 12.13.14 in Purcellville at the Franklin Park Arts Center. The auditorium at Franklin Park features really nice seating and the chance to reserve a particular set of seats on the net in advance.

Buy tickets and reserve your seats today.


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