The Bitter Liberals Need an Audience in Purcellville SATURDAY 5.11.13

Looks like we picked a doozy of a weekend for a show. Multiple weddings, a prom or two, a long standing Clarke county party, Mother’s Day. You name it, we’re conflicting with it! Dag.

That’s why we really need YOU and all your friends to drop everything and come hear us! Please. We would dearly love to have an audience! Playing a show for just ourselves will be too much like practice! Plus all our mom’s are going to be there (well three of four anyway). Our moms would like to meet you.

As an added incentive, we’ll play a bunch of new songs for you. We think you’ll love them. FWIW, the concert is kid friendly in a beautiful auditorium with comfortable stadium seating.

What: The Bitter Liberals in Concert
Who: Allen Kitselman (guitar/vocals), Mike Jewell (conga/vocals), Gary McGraw (violin/vocals), Clark Hansbarger (guitar/vocals)
When: Saturday, May 11, Doors open at 7:30 pm, music starts at 8:00pm
Where: Franklin Park Arts Center, Purcellville, VA
TICKETS: $15, Reserve by calling the box office now at 540-338-7973

We really hope to see you at the show. Call for your box office tickets now. Please help us spread the word by telling a few of your friends. Bring your mom.


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