The Bitter Liberals Join Where’s Aubrey in Berryville

Thanks to Michael Hobert for capturing this video of “Has it Ever Been This Good” performed on 2.16.13 as the last song in a Where’s Aubrey benefit concert for the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center. The Bitter Liberals joined Where’s Aubrey in performing six original songs during the second set. Clark Hansbarger played the bass. Allen Kitselman played the Hammer of Thor and the Resonator. Mike Jewell played the Congas (as usual).

The song emerges from a very silly explosion in the beginning like that one spaceship scene in Battlestar Galactica.

The concert raised $1145 for charity and was played to an enthusiastic audience of just over 100 people and some wild animals. More video can be seen on Apothecaryshed.

Aubrey himself may have been sighted.

Amy Barley and Aubrey

Amy Barley and Aubrey

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